Our Vision




/ We are experts in creating and monetizing Internet audiences.


Through social networks, we can bring together tens of millions of subscribers on different topics, themes or interests. Subscribers who consult the news you create on average 6 times a day. The smartphone revolution has given us the opportunity to unite millions of subscribers on the content we deliver. This audience, which is carefully managed by our teams, offers unique and innovative monetization opportunities. Instant messaging, forum groups, Facebook or Instagram pages are all opportunities that are available to us. Tools that will allow us to monetize our audiences and already allow us today to be ahead of the trends in the media and e-commerce market.


Creating communities is creating media

Based on this observation, we have built our audiences. Federating Internet users around their passion means guaranteeing tactical impressions on affinity targets. As a result, we manage communities of travelers, gamers and innovation enthusiasts. Today, we can reach up to 30 million subscribers on social networks. It is due to our subscribers that communities have been possible to become media.

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The right content makes the right turnover

Creating unique content, calibrated for social network consumption, is the key to the equation. Our communities, our media, have grown through an optimized content strategy. Respecting the tone of social networks and understanding the expectations of these new users who have easy scroll will allow us to generate interesting organic performances. Our content generates emotions, allows us to retain subscribers and thanks to their viral reach, allows us to recruit friends of our friends. A good investment in our content for the right R.O.I. Content is king.


Knowing your audience means optimizing monetization

All the audiences we generate are analyzed in detail to properly calibrate our monetization zones: Advertising / e-commerce. We collect as much data as possible to increase the turnover we make through real-time margin arbitrage. (See our professions)


Industrialize audience creation

We have managed the audience creation through a traditional method managed by a team of 5 people. We are confident that we can significantly increase the performance of all audiences through the technologies we develop. These tools will allow us to create new communities and more content to expand our audience base.

We are building communities that will become media brands.

Building a media is building an audience typology.

All the media will become merchants like the others.

Each audience has its own business opportunities.

All merchants will become media like the others.

By mastering audience creation, you optimize the chances of success of all your projects on the Internet.